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for MC6.0 and Higher

 For ease of use, print these 
instructions before beginning.


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MasterCook 6.0, and higher versions, provide for using "Cookbook Covers" in the "Cookbook" Menu, in lieu of a simple name listing.  To download some of our covers, click here.  

Images to be used for Cookbook Covers can come from any where -- your own photos, photos on the web downloaded to your computer, or images share with you by others.  If you prefer, after getting an appropriate image, you can add text by using any number of photo editor software packages.  When the image has been acquired and adjusted to your likening, it should be placed in your "Collections" folder within the MasterCook 6 software files.  

The Collections folder would be typically located in the following structure:

My Computer
..C: (Local Disk)
....Program Files
......SIERRA (in some installations, the SIERRA folder may not be under "Program Files"
........MasterCook 6
..........My Collection

When your selected image has been saved to the "My Collection" folder, you are then ready to add it to your cookbook.  The following instructions should lead you through doing this step:

  1. Open MasterCook 6 as you normally would.
  2. Choose Cookbooks from the main menu.
  3. Click on the "Book" Tab.
  4. Right click on the cookbook you want to change.
  5. Choose "Customize...".
  6. Click on the "Cover" Tab.
  7. Click on the "Browse" button.
  8. If the program does not open to "My Collection" folder, navigate your way there.  Once there, you should see your cookbook image file.
  9. Select the appropriate image file.
  10. Click "Open" button.
  11. Click "Done" button.
  12. Your image should now show up in your Cookbook Menu as a "Cover."

To download some of our covers, click here.  

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