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Plank Cooking
Cooking on Wood

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Curtis used 4 of the cedar planks he had prepared. The picture on the right shows them drying out on our grill.

Cooking on wood

Plank cooking is simple. But a couple of things need detailing, like drying the planks and dealing with flare-ups.

Drying Planks:

It seems contradictory to dry out the soaked planks. But if the plank is damp, the chicken (especially where it touches the plank) tastes medicinal, not smoky. They won’t dry thoroughly — just the surface will.

Dry out the planks on the grill at medium-high, then reduce the heat to medium when you put the chicken on. Slower burning planks give off the most smoke and reduce the risk of flare-ups.


They’re inherent to grilling, but flare-ups are even more dangerous now — if the planks ignite, there goes dinner. And with chicken fat dripping on the coals, those planks are prime targets for the flames. Check on the planks often and keep a spray bottle of water near the grill to douse any hot spots. And be careful when opening the grill. That smoke smells amazing, but it can make your lungs and eyes sting.

Drying the planks before placing food on them.

Planks on the Grill


Plank Cooking Table of Contents

Picking a Plank
Plank FAQs
The Brine
Cooking on Wood
Plank-Cooked Chicken
Plank-Cooked Brie

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